Keep up-to-date with my training diary as I prepare for the 2019/20 race season, to keep pushing myself and complete my longest Triathlon yet!

Week 1: And so it begins
I work as a dairy farmer and right now its calving season and things are pretty hectic. Its a fairly labour intensive job, lots of lifting and running around, negotiating through mud and steep hills. I wanted a program that would kick start my body with some swim bike run training, but not be super intensive… Read more on finding the right MX Endurance program, using Today’s Plan and my first swim session back.

Week 2: Testing my Patience
My shoulders were pretty sore going into the pool, but I was hoping they would loosen up a bit. They were too sore to manage with paddles, so I carried on my pull drill without, then my legs cramped up. It was a very un-elegant whale flop out of the pool and a bit of rolling around before I could get up and do the cramped shuffle of shame to the changing rooms… Read more about crying in the shower, being patient and realising that rest is best.

Week 3: Green Streak
This week has been going SO much better than last week and it all changed on Sunday when I got my period and felt like a new woman. I felt stronger and more confident and, as a result, have been absolutely smashing my training this week! Read more for the link to the MX Endurance podcast and how its helping my swimming, plus my first Zwift session and how I ticked my green boxes.

Week 4: Roller Coaster
I’m still working on making changes to my swim, but the win of the day was not panicking when another swimmer joined my lane. I ended up having a bit of a breather, then went a bit harder than I should have and ended up cutting the swim short due to cramp again… Read more to find out why I ended up in hospital!

Week 5: Getting it done
Monday started off nice and early with a 30 min run before work. With the recovery run out of the way, I was able to get my swim done, go to the gym for the first time in months and do grocery shopping… Read more to find out how to sync your Today’s Plan workouts to your Garmin watch.

Week 6: Craving Consistency
I cant seem to string together more than 8-9 days of decent training. It might be due to the fact that work has been a bit hectic this week with sick calves, my boss getting sick and now I have a sore throat. Or it could be down to me ignoring my body and HRV scores last week and pushing on when I felt a bit flat. But nah, its obviously because its too hard and I cant do it! Read more for my take on the Imposter Syndrome, dealing with stress and why rest is best!

Week 7: On the Seventh Week She Rested
Last week I finished my 6 week base build plan. It is now week 1 of training SMARTER, not HARDER. Read more to see how I used my Gamrin watch to figure out my problems, why I need to take my own advice and my reading recommendations.

Week 8: Here we go again…
This week I am getting back to training. After having a week off to recover and try and get my eating in order, yet again, I am feeling refreshed and ready to go. But this time being more mindful to recover well and eat more. Lets see how I get on… Read more for the latest MX Endurance training plans and how I overcame my social anxiety and made new friends.

Week 9: Making Connections
A whirlwind of a week, coming off a second place in Sunday’s Fun Run to meeting an inspirational group of runners to finding a new swimming pool and crashing my bike. Thats just the training side, read more to see how my girls got on at heifer day…

Week 10: Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
The last few weeks I have been ticking off my training, but focusing on fuelling properly and resting enough. This has meant little things like having a stool in the kitchen to sit on while cooking, or lying down as I write this, not sat at the desk. My afternoon power naps are the best and my post-workout recovery protein shakes seem to be helping a lot as well… Read more to check out my book recommendations and new Swozzi togs!