EarSHOTS Product Review

I have small ears, like really tiny ears and the struggle to find a set of headphones to fit has been ongoing. I like being active while listening to music and other earphones either didn’t fit or would pop out every few strides. Not to mention having a dangly cord attached to my phone swinging around wildly and getting tangled at any opportunity.

Comfortable fit and don’t distract from those hard workouts.

For a while I decided that I didn’t need music or podcasts to distract me from those tough workouts, just embrace the moment. But, there is only so much time you can spend with your own thoughts and having something to listen to on a long run or as a ‘do not disturb’ sign at the gym was necessary. I needed some earphones that would fit my ears and my lifestyle.

EarSHOTS are a fairly new NZ company, designed with an active lifestyle in mind, think mountain biking and trail running. Plus, earSHOTS claim to never fall off, having a unique magnetic fixing that lets you set and forget, so you can focus on your training. Finally, something that might stay in my ears!

The ear bud design nestles in the ear, but not directly in the ear canal, allowing for those all important ambient noises when out on the road or trail. You can also just wear one, with their solo mode which doesn’t compromise on sound, like other headphones do. The flexible arms adjust to fit even my tiny ears and lining up the magnetic clip means they don’t dislodge and distract you. EarSHOTS come in a handy self charging case, so when you’re done pop them away and they will be good to go for next time.

Self charging case will fully charge the earSHOTS 4 times before it needs recharging itself!

I’ll admit that I was sceptical at paying for earphones that I couldn’t see or try beforehand and was thinking these would be another addition to the ‘don’t fit’ pile. Initially I thought they looked huge, but after a bit of fiddling and faffing I was ready for testing at the gym. Treadmill intervals followed by some burpees, skipping, box jumps and anything else I could think of that might shake them loose. Well earSHOTS lasted better than my high bun! I didn’t feel them bounce or move and I almost forgot I was wearing them!

So they passed the gym test, but what about outdoors with the wind and the weather? I haven’t used them mountain biking yet (not sure if I will) but I’ve done several runs with them now and it has revolutionised my long slow run. I can listed to a podcast and not be distracted by my earphones falling out every 5 paces, or by the wire flailing around. They were sung enough that the wind noise didn’t seem a problem, but let in enough sound for me to hear a car approaching.

Don’t move when skipping – check!

So if you’ve been putting up with annoying headphones and lost faith for anything better, its worth giving these a try. Competitively priced and made in NZ by people passionate about outdoor adventure.

EarSHOTS; you move, they don’t. Check out their Spotify playlist – blood, sweat and sound.

4 thoughts on “EarSHOTS Product Review”

  1. Thanks Laura, you have convinced me to take the plunge with these. I was also not keen on the idea of buying without trying.


  2. I’m frustrated at no being able to put the ear shots on. Can not get the right one on at all. The left earshot does not seem to be locked in with the magnet. I’ve gone online and watched the earshot videos.
    Still trying!!


    1. Hi Rose,
      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your earSHOTS. They can be a little fiddly to get the hang of at first.
      I nestle the earbud part just inside the ear first, then loop the arm over the top and bring the arm down, feeling the little ridge line up with the earbud, as this is where the magnet is.
      I hope this helps. If not, please contact earSHOTS directly and they will be able to assist further.


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