Crochet, Cookies and Kittens

Well it’s been a pretty busy week here in Laura’s Lockdown Land. I think we are on week 3, but really I have no idea, other than it must be Easter judging by how many people are baking Hot X Buns. This week has been filled with baking (and eating) lots of cookies, cracking on with some crochet projects and we adopted a kitten!

I decided not to partake in the Hot X bake off, but have been making a fresh batch of Fix and Fogg peanut butter cookies almost every other day! I don’t know where they all disappear too! We also made a big batch of Cupcake Jemma’s NYC white chocolate birthday cookies, with our own twist. They are hideously naughty, and very moreish. The great thing about this recipe is that you can ball up the cookies and freeze them to cook individually. So if you really want a cookie, you still have to bake it first so it slows down consumptions rates a little.

We are still limiting our shopping trips to the local 4 square convenience store and I am mostly disappointed that they do not stock beetroot. My delicious Beetroot smoothie bowls just don’t look the same with out that bright pinky-red colour to them. Overall my fresh veg consumption is down, due to the lack of variety at the smaller store and that I don’t want to go back more than once a week. Our rotation of chickpea or lentil curry is getting a bit old already and I’m almost excited to visit a supermarket to do a proper big food shop again! OMG, I’m excited about food shopping, is this what life in your 30’s is like?
I usually send Ryan to do the food shopping, but after he managed to loose the shopping list between the house and the shop, I think is best if I take over. It was all a little surreal heading out of my ‘bubble’ and further than the end of the road for the first time in 3 weeks. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but went prepared with gloves and a buff to use as a face mask. There was a bit of a queue and we all stood at least 2m apart from each other and didn’t really say much. It was a one in, one out policy and when it was my turn I felt like I had to rush round and be as quick as possible. I forgot to grab a basket on the way in and had to make do trying to carry everything. I got most of what I needed and a few extra lockdown treats.

So with sufficient food, it was time to get stuck into some crochet project goodness. Its both relaxing and productive, making the perfect lockdown activity, after my trainer ride in the shed. I’ve been working on a baby blanket for a friend of my Mum’s since late February and this week I finally got it finished! Progress had stopped a bit as I was worried I’d run out of wool for the size I wanted, but realised that its ridiculous to worry about that and it will be as big as it is when I do run out of wool. With the baby blanket done, it was time to unravel my other blanket project and try starting it again, but actually count the stitches properly this time, as it had gone a bit wonky. I’ve also been making some mice and things for our kitten.

Yes, we have a kitten now. Last Tuesday I was setting up a fence for the cows in their night paddock when I saw this weird rock looking thing. On closer inspection it was a tiny cat curled up in a ball shivering. My work dog, Ruby, was busy crunching on a rabbit head just a few meters away and wasn’t bothered in the slightest. I carried on setting the fence and the cat was still around when I finished, although it had moved to a sheltered spot in the bank. We managed to pick it up and put it in a cat trap and take it back home, with plenty of food and water. The boss already has 2 cats, so I was given custody of our new feline friend. I coaxed him into a dog box, which was much more cosy than the cat trap and brought him inside.

I left him in the box the first day, to settle down and give me chance to tidy the house and make things a bit more cat-proof. He spent the first few days hiding under the bed and would hiss at us when ever we went near him, but he never lashed out or got aggressive. We finally settled on calling him Ralph and everyday he gets a bit more confident and daring with his explorations. He has already caught a mouse and decided on his favourite spot for a nap, (on top of the spare mattress in the living room). He is a great little kitten and I am so glad we found him as the weather has turned pretty cold and wet. He’s definitely a good reason to want to stay home, just to watch him play and get into mischief. What a cutie!!


I’m getting a little anxious about what will happen when lockdown ends. But more on that next week. For now I’m focusing on making the most of it and enjoying this time; bonding with Ralph, baking too many cookies, crocheting blankets for winter and giving the house a good clean, as well as getting all my training and recovery done. I hope you are using the time wisely to learn more about yourself and not just finding ways to distract the passing of the days.

Stay home and stay safe and well xx

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