It Was Going So Well…

I’ve been a bit quiet on the old blog the last few months, opting out of my weekly updates. Partly due to the fact that I was just getting on with my training and didn’t feel the need to write about anything as I was just getting it done. Then, partly because I’ve been pretty busy and not actually done any scheduled training for the last few weeks. So what happened?

I’d made a few changes to my training plan from my last training block and things seemed to be working really well. I was consistent and compliant with my sessions, managing to complete most of them each week (missing the odd one) and importantly I was feeling good and seeing improvements. 6 weeks of base phase and my 1000m swim time was edging closer to going under 19 mins and my bike FTP had cracked the elusive 200W mark. I was finally making some progress!

So with all that training and gains we headed off to Rotorua for the 2W enduro. I came away from the race feeling a bit disappointed with my performance and a bit meh and down. Which is much better that how Ryan was feeling at the end of the weekend, having sustained a nasty concussion on the Sunday fun-day shuttle runs. Add to that some overseas visitors, lots of extra farm work, planning club races, coaching sessions and setting up our own business; my priorities shifted and triathlon training soon found its way to the bottom of the pile.

During my good training block, I’d really focused on my eating and sleeping. When I set my goals at the start of the year, I tried to break it down to things that I could do every day to help achieve them. If I wasn’t eating or sleeping enough, then I didn’t let myself train too much and dig a hole like I had done the previous year. It was working great! I felt healthier, stronger and happier with my days constantly punctuated with food and a good 7-8 hrs sleep each night.

Smoothie bowls – new fave arvo snack

But then I started getting busy and struggled to adapt to a change in schedule. My training volume was slowly increasing each week, but so was my time with other commitments. Soon my meal planning time disappeared, along with some eating time and meditation time, as I felt like I was on the go constantly. I was too busy worrying about other people and had lost focus of looking out for myself. It sounds selfish, but if I am feeling stressed, tired and hungry I can’t do my best to help others, so I need to help myself first before things spiral out of control.

It was a wonderful few days spent with my Dad, brother and sister-in-law. We climbed to the Pouakai Hut to see the tarns, walked along the beach to the shipwreck, toured the farm and patted the cows and ate fish and chips by the port. I was fine taking a few days off to spend time with family and I had been really looking forward to it. But things had started to go astray before their arrival and I have found it increasingly hard to get back into my training.

And now with my main Xterra race just 4 weeks away and having missed 3 weeks of structured training I’m having a bit of a crisis. Have I lost all my fitness that I worked so hard to get? Do I have enough time to make the improvements needed for the results I’m aiming for? Do I get up and train hard or admit defeat, shrug it off and say ‘try again next time?’

Time away from training really helps put things into perspective. Yes, my priorities changed (mainly looking after a concussed Ryan and spending time with family) but without my training I feel I’m lacking purpose to my day. I love getting up for the cows and can easily fill the time between milking with crochet, reading, cleaning etc… But my passion is riding my bike and striving to be the best I can be. Training hard means that I can be fitter, faster and stronger which means more fun on the bike. So its time to organise myself and set aside some time for eating, sleeping and training. I have a race to do and my goals to beat!

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