Week 17: Snooze Fest!

This week has been kinda boring training wise. I’ve actually managed to just get on with it. Limited dramas, acting like a normal person, and training hard for Rotorua Suffer in just 2 weeks time!! Plus I’ve been able to add in some extra bike sessions at the forest to get acquainted with my new steed and build some confidence ready for the Giant 2W Gravity Enduro next weekend.

Sleep is your Super power.

At risk of sounding even more boring, I like to try and aim to be in bed by 9pm most nights. The reality is that it gets pushed back to 10pm quite often and its been even later recently. The thing is, these long summer days are awesome for getting out after work, but late nights + early mornings + extra training = not enough sleep, which is really bad for you! I’ve been reading “Why We Sleep” by Matt Walker and its fascinating how much sleep, or rather lack of sleep, impacts every aspect of our being. I won’t spoilt it for those who like to read, but HERE’s a TED Talk he did, so you get the gist. With my training load ramping up to a solid 11-12 hrs each week now, its super important that I get enough rest to recover properly.

Speaking of training, heres what I got up to; My duties as mountain bike club committee meant that I had a good excuse to head out to the forest for my scheduled rides this week. Armed with a spray bottle and rag in hand to clean the trail signs and take some photos for an upcoming promo video, it was actually really satisfying especially when you found a really dirty one and I reckon it makes the park look much nicer, even if no-one will really notice.

Trials are going great at the moment!!

While I didn’t get a green streak on Today’s Plan, I did at least attempt all my workouts this week, as well as the odd evening ride and gym session. I cramped on the swim and cut my treadmill session in half (I had the wrong shoes and they were making my calves pretty tight), so I stopped before I got injured. Improving my time management and meal planning has meant that I can get on with things, rather than worry about what I’m eating or having to spend time cooking for each meal. I still need to cut down on my mindless scrolling of Instagram as my screen time was up to almost 2hrs a day this week! Its pretty shocking, but its hard to cut down on social media when your trying to make it your job and I’m running various social pages. But I need to be more disciplined and not get so easily distracted!

One super exciting thing that happened this weekend was Ryan’s work party. They organised to race some old cars around a paddock on a mates farm – known as ‘Paddock Bashing’. It was great fun, I got to drive a couple of laps and was passenger quite a few times too. There were a few crashes, big jumps and even a car on fire! Then we headed out to town for dinner and left before we got kicked out! Winner!! Apart from a bit of a stiff neck and sore shoulders, the day went well and I was good enough to take the Rockets Launch group for our Sunday sessions again. I’m loving sharing my MTB passion with the kids and seeing them develop their skills and grow in confidence, I just wish I felt I was doing the same.

So a bit of a snooze fest, but then life is boring sometimes and to have a good routine, meals planned and an early night is exactly what you need to do in order to get done the things you love to do. If you made it this far, congratulations! If not, then I hope you have a good nights sleep, ready to go hard and take on whatever tomorrow brings.

What ‘boring’ routines do you rely on to get through the tough weeks?

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