Week 16: Period Power

After the whole peanut butter drama of Sunday, I still wasn’t feeling great on Monday, but managed to at least show up for my training, even if I didn’t quite have it in me to complete the swim set. But its better than crying at home, which has often happened on a Monday when I feel overwhelmed with what lies ahead in the week.

This weekend we head over to Rotorua for the Rotorua Running Festival, where I’m running the half marathon. It is also the last chance to see my Mum (Julie) and Dave before they fly back to wet, miserable UK the Wednesday after. They are both doing their first 5K race and I’m so excited for them. Read how our runs went down HERE. But for now, back to the week at hand and feeling all over the place!

Super proud of these 2. Safe travels!

I woke up Monday feeling fat, frumpy and unfit, like I couldn’t do this triathlon thing anymore. Who am I to try and be fit and healthy? Was life better when I didn’t care and ate McDonalds all the time? I’m never gonna be able to run 21km on Sunday, I’ve hardly done any running recently. I somehow managed to get my self together enough to head to the pool for a decent 1hr swim.
Tuesday I was starting to feel a bit more ‘myself’ and managed a solid 2hr session on the bike and a 30 min run afterwards. I am also getting a lot better at food prep and having meals ready to go, which is a massive help and time saver when I want to maximise my days productivity.

We have had a bit of a busy week at work with vet visits on Monday and Thursday, so some sessions were moved around a bit. I am still enjoying my swimming and I can some how find the motivation to travel to the other side of town for and hour swim set, more than I can run down the road for a hour. I did manage to get to the gym on Thursday arvo and feeling strong and feisty, managed to smash out a decent set of weights and 800m treadmill intervals at race pace. It never fails to amaze me how drastically different I feel once ‘the flow’ kicks in. From irrational and irritable to feeling like I can conquer my dreams its insane. Apparently (according to Dr Stacy Sims) female hormone level are most similar to a male during the first few days of our cycle. So if you can cope with the fact that you are bleeding, you’re more likely to be stronger and more confident in these few days, which is perfect for racing. Good timing!

Last minute race prep and packing on Friday, as well as picking up my new bike and I think I’m ready for Sunday. A new mountain bike and a trip to Rotorua, what could be better? We sold my LIV Intrigue on Monday night. I’d forgotten it was still listed on Trade Me, as we hadn’t had much interest and I was getting used to the idea of keeping Roxy for a bit longer. But someone won the bid, so it was time to say goodbye, strip and clean her down and box her up for new adventures. I am lucky enough to be able to order new 2020 bikes with my involvement with LIV Cycling, but my ambassador bike isn’t due for another few weeks and might not arrive in time for my next race. So Ryan worked his magic (scoured the internet and made some calls) and ordered a LIV Hail Advanced, so I’m all set for the enduro races. We sessioned some tracks to set up my suspension and make sure I was comfortable on my new steed. May have overdone it slightly, as my legs were pretty cooked on Sunday.

New Bike Day!!

Full race report from Rotorua Running Festival HERE.

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