Week 14: Loosing It

This week has felt pretty stressful. I’ve lost my routine, momentum and motivation. Having my first weekend off since July has really thrown me out of routine, add to that some sick cows and Mother coming to visit, its been a hectic week! In amongst all that chaos there has been some excitement; I was offered another year as part of the MX Endurance race team, I signed another year with LIV Cycling and got stoked on running again at Frontrunner New Plymouth.

Not much has happened in the way of training this week. I took Monday as a rest day to unpack from the weekend and let my body rest after the beating I gave it. I am opting out of my swim sessions this week to let my arm heal. After my last bike crash, my wounds took weeks to heal and don’t think being in the pool for 3hs+ a week was helping. So that just leaves bike and run. I managed 14hrs training last week and 10 hrs the weeks before, so I am due an easier week surely!

Tuesday I scheduled a 30min easy recovery run. But my shin is still really bruised and sore, any impact just aggravates it. I ended up going to the gym instead and getting in some well needed, and slightly neglected, strength training. Last time I was on the bike trainer, I noticed that my right leg felt a lot stronger than my left. Even when focusing on engaging my core and keeping an even stroke, it still felt like my right leg was doing all the work and lefty was just along for the ride. This has promoted a return to the gym with more focus in single leg movements to even things out.

Wednesday I tried the bike, but I still have a headache that has lingered since Sunday and I barely got through the warm up with out feeling like my head was going to explode! Time to deploy the emergency recovery plan, as I am clearly not feeling right. Instead of a 2hr bike session, I will now rest for that long! I set an alarm and it didn’t take much to fall asleep, and I woke up feeling a bit better and ready to crack on with cleaning the house ready for Mum’s visit on the weekend.

Thursday I was feeling a bit more productive. I headed into Frontrunner to pick up some nutrition and help some promotions/ideas they have in the pipeline. It was really good to have a chat with Sarah and Craig about all things running and its has reignited my running mojo. I was so excited to get out that I went for a little jog along the coastal walkway, but the impact from the solid concrete was still aggravating my bruised shin. It was enough to warm me up for another gym session and it feels good to be lifting weights again, I just need to make sure I add it in each week. Today is also our 3 year anniversary and, despite busy schedules, we managed to make time to go for a crusiey pedal along the coastal walkway out to the breakwater to watch the sunset, before riding back to town and heading for beer and pizza at Mrs Whites. It seemed like a far cry from the mountain bike ride and McDonalds of our first date!

Did you even run if you don’t take a selfie?

Friday is the big day when my Mum and Dave arrive, so I have been sacrificing training in exchange for getting the house looking immaculate and making sure we have a full fridge and some home baked goodies. But today I am determined to get my only green box for the week. I shuffle things around on Today’s Plan and squeeze in a 30 min recovery run. I focus on being light on my feet, as my shin is still sore, and it feels great. Even coming back up hill I feel like I’m floating. Green box in the bag and now to relax over the weekend with overdue family time.

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