Week 9: Making Connections

This last week has been a bit of a whirlwind and I can’t believe I’ve had to get up extra early on Tuesday morning to try and get this done as I totally lost track of the days. I feel that so much has happened this week, but also so much hasn’t. There are lots of little jobs that I really need to catch up on before they become too big. I’ve missed training sessions and had to cancel on friends. But life is like riding a bike, its all about balance, if you don’t keep moving you’ll fall over. I’m making lists and trying my best to tick things off and not to get too stressed out.

Fell off my bike! Still working on that balance thing!

Moving on to what has happened. Monday was a well earned rest day after the 10k fun run on Sunday. I have dragged a sleeping bag to the sofa and my afternoon naps are back. I snuggle in and set my timer for 30mins. I allow myself to relax, clear my mind and drift off to sleep. This seems to be working better for me than the guided mediation sessions I was doing and I wake up refreshed and ready to carry on.
Tuesday I got to catch up with Carly Webber and an amazing, inspiring group of runners. These local ladies, and a few out of towners, all have a special story as to why they run. We shared our stories, wins and fails, discussed up coming events, who is doing what and wished each other good luck in our challenges. Its felt so magical to feel part of a small group and bigger community of active people and I get the same feelings with MX Endurance in Triathlon.

Carly’s Coffee Club Run Crew: Its all about making connections and building friendships.

Speaking of meaningful things in life, the farm has been pretty busy this week with new calves and Jersey Club Heifer day. Wednesday I got to see the new runoff, where the beef cows are staying, along with some jersey holdovers. We drafted out some soon-to-calve heifers, but also saw a pair of feet sticking out of one of the beef girls. After we had sorted the heifers out, Miss Lowline still hadn’t calved, and after a bit of a rummage we found out it was breech, with back legs showing. By a stroke of sheer luck, the local vet was just up the road at the next farm over and he was able to come just in time to get the calf out safely and alive. Both mum and baby are doing great, it was lucky we saw her when we did.
Thursday was another long day with the cows, this time looking at heifers. The local Jersey Club organise a heifer day where you draft out your first year cows from the herd to be judged by other farmers to see which bulls they might use. Our lot were super friendly and on best behaviour, making me a proud mum as these are the first mob of calves that I reared. You need a keen eye to notice the subtle differences in their udder shapes and other qualities, but I had a great time and learnt a lot.

Me with 162. A friendly little cow by Presley.

Friday I managed to squeeze in some training, this time at a new (to me) pool. It was a bit further out to drive, but my regular pool in town is full of kids on school holidays and has no lane swimming when I’m available. I’ll defiantly go back. It was clean, the water was cooler and the staff friendly and helpful. Thanks Bell Block Aquatic Centre!

Saturday we adulted. Cleaned the house, bought some new knives, cooked dinner and planned our race season and other things. Then Sunday we were free to enjoy the sunshine and get some laps in at Mangamahoe. I had wanted to do a few bits that challenge me, but the tracks were pretty slippery and I was feeling a bit uncoordinated. I sessioned the new wooden berm feature and tried to gap the first 2 rollers. I was doing really well and we moved further up the ridge line where I managed to clear the hip jump and the wooden table top, but went off a drop a bit brake heavy and ate dirt. Just a few scratches and bruises and I’m ok, but my race season defiantly flashed before my eyes!! I haven’t had a decent crash for a while a it was bit of a shock to the system. But stoked to be ok and cant wait to get back on the bike again and try and push my limits some more!

Are you part of a club, team or group? How do you find it helps with your mental health?

Johann Hari talks about how depression isn’t a crazy chemical imbalance, but a symptom of today’s society. “If you’re depressed or anxious, you’re not weak or crazy – you are a person with unmet needs.’ I’m keen to read his book “Lost Connections” in the mean time, have a listen to his TED Talk.

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