Week 10: Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

So apparently I had written last weeks post but not actually published it, meaning this week you are treated to a double dose of my training updates. This week has been a pretty solid week of training, with 6 days in a row of glorious green boxes on Today’s Plan. But what you cant see from there is how much better I’m doing with my food and recovery.

The last few weeks I have been ticking off my training, but focusing on fuelling properly and resting enough. ‘Why stand when you can sit? Why sit when you can lie down?’ This has meant little things like having a stool in the kitchen to sit on while cooking, or lying down as I write this, not sat at the desk. My afternoon power naps are the best and my post-workout recovery protein shakes seem to be helping a lot as well. Some new books arrived this week, so when I have finished with Chrissie Wellington’s story I’ll be diving into “Why We Sleep’ and “The Chimp Paradox”. I do love a good book!

The weather has finally warmed up for this weeks long run in Pukekura Park.

After the initial shock of my crash last Sunday, I assessed the damage and I am fine. Just a couple of bruises, (one between my butt cheeks!) and the usual scabby knees and elbows. I’ve had a lot worse before, but I guess 30 year old Laura is a lot less bouncy, as it felt like I hit the deck pretty hard. I was lucky enough to be booked in with Bryn Gibson for a massage on Tuesday, which did wonders for my sore neck and shoulder.

I didn’t want to do too much with my legs at the start of the week, so headed to the pool and managed to go back again twice to have a solid week of swim training. My new togs from Swozzi arrived on Monday, for extra motivation. Through MX Endurance, I am lucky enough to have access to some amazing people and coaches, Brenton Ford from Effortless Swimming is one of them. I have been taking his advice and been working on my breathing and catch and I feel that its finally coming together. I tend to breathe out more through my mouth than nose, my tumble turns need work (thankfully not an issue when swimming OW), and I’m sure there are lots of other things to work on, but I’m feeling pretty good in the water at the moment.

I’ve been keeping a log book to track my food and mood. I was finding it hard to keep a log on my phone, as Instagram always seemed much more appealing, so I’ve gone old school with notebook and pen. Its going ok so far. I have to not let the fact that I want to log food stop me from eating, as it has done in the past. If I cant be bothered to write it down, I wont eat. I’m fairly consistent with my food during the week, eating every few hours, but the weekends are a bit more sporadic and out of routine. I’m hoping from this I can start to eat for my menstrual cycle and adjust for training load/recovery. Keeping a log of food has kept me accountable and made sure I’m eating regularly and I’m feeling the benefits from it. Anything is better than living of just tea and toast.

Meal planning and keeping a food diary.

Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow has been a great book in my food journey. Thanks Autumn for the recommendation! Its full of great recipe ideas, as any cook book should be, but also what to eat when, bed time snacks and how to eat for endurance training. Its defiantly helped get my food mojo going and the meatballs are now a house favourite! I even made some ‘healthy’ cookies for work which went down a treat!

Do you have any great go-to recipes? Let me know in the comments.

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