Week 8: Here we go again

This week I am getting back to training. After having a week off to recover and try and get my eating in order, yet again, I am feeling refreshed and ready to go. But this time being more mindful to recover well and eat more. Lets see how I get on…

My need for a new training plan conveniently coincided with the release of the new MX Endurance training plans. Click HERE to have a look for yourself. After consulting the group of experts and other athletes, I have decided to start off with a beginner Olympic distance plan. I am working towards a 70.3 distance, but if I can do a few consistent weeks at a lower volume, I should be able to then change up to add the extra few hours in. The new plans look great and even have your key sessions highlighted, so if you are short on time you know which ones you can prioritise. It looked pretty intimidating at first, as all 7 days had scheduled workouts. But this allows for flexibility and you are free to move sessions around, so long as you don’t keep skipping the same one each week, looking at you hill repeats!

My first training session was ‘Leg Smasher’ on Zwift. Ouch! It wasn’t as bad at it sounds, more like my mountain bike riding with short hard efforts with a little rest, then hard efforts again. Pretty happy to have ticked it off and feeling off to a good start.

On Wednesday I headed down to the coastal walkway and the famous bridge to meet someone who wanted to take my photo. Despite being told at school to not meet up with strangers you meet online, its become a habit of late but the opportunities that have come from these meetings have been amazing and this was no different. So on a wet and windy Wednesday, I met Carly Webber and her family who are travelling around NZ in a camper van, photographing runners. The project is all about making connections within the running community, and its a good excuse to visit new places and chat to new people. I was a bit nervous at first, but I didn’t have to be and am happy to say I’ve made a new friend, and she has even offered some inspiration to get my own connections project underway… watch this space.

I met up with Carly again on Sunday for the New Plymouth Joggers and Walkers Fun Run in Pukekura park. I wasn’t sure about doing this either, but was on my way to town, PB&J in hand, before I could think about going back to bed again. It turns out that I had nothing to worry about, except some hills I wasn’t expecting, and managed to come 2nd Female with a time of 53:56 for 10km.

Making new friends: Sarah, Me, Carly.

Social anxiety is a funny thing and its stopped me doing lots of things in the past. I’ve become well practised in putting on a brave face and trying my hardest to appear relaxed and chatty, but its not always that easy. But this week I had to put my fears and anxieties aside and take the leap to meet new people and create new opportunities.
I am super grateful to have met Carly and to be part of her project. If you’d like to find out more head to her instagram or carlywebberphotography.com

1 thought on “Week 8: Here we go again”

  1. I feel the social anxiety too! over the past years, I’ve made a few special connections that have made it worth pushing through this anxiety. I hope these recent encounters have been positive for you in the same way. Community is so important xx


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