Base Build: Week 6/6

Week 6: Craving consistency

The roller coaster of triathlon training took another nose dive this week. I was feeling pretty good after the success of last week, but cant seem to string together more than 8-9 days of decent training. It may be because I was writing my post about Imposter Syndrome and my mental game was a bit off as I’d stirred up negative thoughts. It might be due to the fact that work has been a bit hectic this week with sick calves, my boss getting sick and now I have a sore throat too! Or it could be down to me ignoring my body and HRV scores last week and pushing on when I felt a bit flat and was advised to limit intensity. But nah, its obviously because its too hard and I cant do it! (hello Imposter Complex)

Think Fit Podcast did an episode on Imposter Syndrome this week. Keep reading for the link…

This week was strongly swim focused, great, its what I’d like to improve most on. I find it hard to relax and concentrate when swimming. I get easily distracted and find myself clock watching, while trying to avoid cramping and remembering what sets I need to do. On the rare occasion I am in the ‘zone’ its amazing and I feel like I am gliding through the water. I didn’t have one of those days this week.

First swim on Monday and I was testing out my newly synced workouts on my Garmin watch. It automatically changed the pool length to 50m and said I’d swam twice as far as I actually had. It was a strength endurance set and when using paddles my arms just felt heavy and slow. Swim 2 on Tuesday with Sprints. Still struggling to figure out the watch and get it back to 25m and only managed about half of the workout before cramp set in and I did the shuffle of shame to the changing rooms. Final try on Friday and I tried to repeat Tuesday’s session. It went even worse. I had a headache before I started, after 1000m I decided to ditch the swim cap to see if I felt any better. The arms felt ok, the head did not. Even the pressure of propelling myself through the water was too much and I hopped out after 25mins.

I had a pretty good run on Wednesday though…

Friday rest day moved to Thursday, as I can feel a sore throat coming on. Oh No!! Its been a pretty busy week at work and my boss has got a chest infection, so its inevitable that I’m going to get sick too. I tried my best to rest, but ended up feeling pretty restless and stressed after spending the day doing housework and meal prep and snack prep for the weekend. Not ideal.

I was really looking forward to being out on my bike in the forest this weekend, as I’d missed out last weekend but poor Roxy stayed tucked indoors again. A vain attempt at a sweet spot session on the trainer was quickly abandoned after 30 mins and I resigned for a nap before afternoon milking.

Moral of the story… LISTEN to your body. If you feel flat, maybe a week of hard sprint training isn’t the best idea. Keep it low key and do some easy runs or low intensity rides.

There is only so much stress the body can take. Your training adds a physical and mental stress to any ongoing stressors in your life. Being someone who doesn’t cope well with stress and suffers from anxiety, it just makes things worse. I need to get better at calming my mind and relaxing, as well as being more in tune with my body and how it is coping. An extra rest day can easily save you from a week off sick.

Rest Day Recommendations:

  • Lay down and listen to a podcast: ThinkFit, MX Endurance, Sparta Chicks, Downtime Podcast, Ask a Cycling Coach, Fitter Radio… the list goes on…
  • Get creative: Write, draw, crochet, cook, bake, build…
  • Get a sports massage
  • Go for a walk, preferably by the ocean
  • Have a lie in (go back to bed after milking)
  • Watch a movie (while NOT on the trainer)
  • Curl up with a good book
  • Meditation or Mindfulness practise

How have you been this week?

Are you pretty good at resting when you need to, or does the lure of a green box get the better of you?

Remember; REST days are better than SICK days!

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