Base Build: Week 5/6

Week 5: Getting it done

After the feed back from my Life on the Farm post, I headed into the week feeling super motivated and leaving all my excuses behind in last week. My MX Endurance team mates have some incredible jobs, and often several of them, so what is my excuse of not getting training done? Yeh, I couldn’t think of any either. So Monday started off nice and early with a 30 min run before work. With the recovery run out of the way, I was able to get my swim done, go to the gym for the first time in months and do grocery shopping. A very productive Monday, I hope it continues.

Busy week. Missed the Open Water Swim. Bit cold and choppy for a solo effort.

Work is easing off a bit now, as most of the cows have calved. On Tuesday I was able to go home at 9:30 and do a ramp test on Zwift to set my FTP up correctly. It was setting my workouts based off 250 FTP, which would be a dream, reality is its only 187 at the moment. For you non-cyclists, FTP = Functional Threshold Power and estimates how many Watts you can pedal for a sustained time. It was really hard, even more so as my HRV score was suggesting to limit intensity today, but I wanted to see how I would perform on a bad day.

Team work really does make the dream work and Wednesday I was getting all flash and technical with my Garmin watch, thanks to Clare. I now have my Today’s Plan workouts on my watch, so I know exactly what to do. I tried it out with a Fartlek run and it worked a treat, giving you specific zones to be in and timing the intervals. I got a little flustered trying to push the lap button while running and skipped an interval or 2, but otherwise great. Its going to make things so much easier as I don’t have to remember what to do or try and read it while swim/bike/running.

How to get Today’s Plan on your Garmin:
Download the Today’s Plan app in Garmin Connect on your phone. (Check watch compatibility)
Log in to Today’s Plan and follow prompts.
Re-sync your watch with your phone.
Today’s Plan should appear in Activities and Apps menu, add this to favourites. [MAIN MENU – SETTINGS – ACTIVITIES AND APPS – TODAYS PLAN]
START as you would any activity TODAYS PLAN – WORKOUTS and get it done!

Back on the bike on Thursday for a sprint session.This was not a pretty session and I had to reduce the intensity by the third set as I was struggling to get on top of my cadence and recover. I was on Zwift, using ERG mode, which is the noise you make when training with it! After a tough session like that recovery is important. I had a good feed, stretch, foam roll and a nap! I’m glad its rest day tomorrow.

The weekend wasn’t really anything special. Just about getting it done and experimenting a bit with fuel. I’m learning the difference between motivation and dedication. You wont always be motivated to do your training, so you have to be dedicated. Find the drive, focus on your WHY and do what you need to to get where you want to go.

What do you do when your lacking motivation?

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