Base Build: Week 3/6

Week 3: Green Streak

This week has been going SO much better than last week and it all changed on Sunday when I got my period and felt like a new woman. I felt stronger and more confident and, as a result, have been absolutely smashing my training this week! I moved a few sessions around early in the week to fit in with my work demands and even managed to swim, bike and go to the dentist on Thursday!

My focus this week was on my swim. Training in 3 disciplines its hard to balance it all and make improvements in each sport each week, so I try and focus on one each week and make sure the other are getting done. I am desperate to improve my swim time from hanging around the 1:55/100m mark to anything quicker to get sub 20 min 1000m at Xterra.

I found a really helpful podcast by MX Endurance, where Tim and Macca talk about swimming, the drills professionals use and Chris’s advice for age groupers. My main take away was that if I want to swim faster, I need to swim faster. Increase my stroke rate and get my arms round much quicker, and try to keep the same pace for the main sets, but increase the rest or add paddles if needed. To add to this, and with impeccable timing, the latest MX Endurance podcast was with Brenton Ford from Effortless Swimming. He added to Macca’s advice and gave away some useful drills and tips to help get you stoke more efficient and faster. Listen to it HERE.

Adapting your swim technique takes time, so I need to keep woking on it and be patient. I’d say I was a confident and competent swimmer, but have never had proper swim squad training. I’ll keep you updates with my progress.

This week I have managed to tick ALL my Todays Plan boxes green! The stress of maintaining my green streak nearly got the better of me on Saturday, when all I wanted to do was have a chilled out day and finish crocheting my blanket. After a bit of motivation from my team mates, I set the indoor trainer up ready for when I got back from work. Investing in an indoor trainer has been a godsend to help with my bike training. When the weather has been too rough or I haven’t had time to go to the trails, it just here at home and I can get it done. Plus it means that when I do get out on the trails I can really focus on practising those key skills.

How has your week been?

Are you enjoying my updates? What else would you like to read about? I have a few bonus blogs lined up coming soon…

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