Base Build: Week 2/6

Week 2: Testing my patience

This week has been a struggle. I started off with such good intentions and got to the pool ready to smash it on Monday. Turns out my body had other ideas. My shoulders were pretty sore going into the pool, but I was hoping they would loosen up a bit. They were too sore to manage with paddles, so I carried on my pull drill without, then my legs cramped up. It was a very un-elegant whale flop out of the pool and a bit of rolling around before I could get up and do the cramped shuffle of shame to the changing rooms. What sadistic architect put the pool changing rooms DOWN stairs!?!

Tuesday was much better. I finished work at a more reasonable time and made the most of it not raining to head out on the mountain bike. By Wednesday the wheels were starting to wobble off and I was breaking my number 1 rule. I’m not sure what it was, but today got emotional! I finished morning work at lunch time, had a bit of a cry in the shower, ate breakfast and had a nap. I woke up feeling much better. Sometimes its good to let it out.

Thursday was another busy day and my HRV score was trending negatively, advising I reduce intensity. I’ll take that as a good enough reason not to do hill reps today then! My arms are still pretty sore, and it even hurts to drink my cup of tea, so I think another rest day is in order. Come Friday the wheels had well and truly fallen off my training wagon. Ryan returned home with a Wahoo smart trainer and I managed to set up a Zwfit account and sync all my devices up, but am still yet to use it. It frustrating not being able to train when you want to, but I know rest is what I need right now.

HRV4Training app – finding this a super useful tool.

Saturday was full of good intentions and my HRV score was picking up. Showing that I really did need those extra rest days. My body isn’t aching as much and I was already to smash out a good run or ride on the trainer. Again, work was hectic busy and I came home at lunch time exhausted. There was just enough time to eat, do some house chores and eat again, before back to work. Sunday was another late finish, but I made the effort to head out to the local trails to support those doing the MTB club 3hr race. Slightly gutted I wasn’t racing, but seeing everyones pain faces made me glad I wasn’t.

Lots of red and recovery this week.

Hopefully after my extended recovery this week, I can head into next week feeling a bit more refreshed and ready to tick some green boxes!! At the moment it seems like work is taking up a lot of my energy. But its all about balance and compromise, I know this busy period wont last too long and I have things to look forward to when the weather gets better.

Have you mastered a work/life/training balance? What are you strategies to cope when things become a bit unbalanced?

2 thoughts on “Base Build: Week 2/6”

  1. Girl, that shower cry is everything. I let myself go there. Really get it out. Even stare at my beveled crying reflection in the faucet and tell myself that everything really sucks. Then I wash it all off, get dressed and face it all with my chin up. We’re strong (but also we’re human). Onward.


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