Base Build: Week 1/6

Week 1: And so it begins…

I gave myself a bit of time to settle back into work before going back to training. Check out the ground rules I set myself. I work as a dairy farmer and right now its calving season and things are pretty hectic. Its a fairly labour intensive job, lots of lifting and running around, negotiating through mud and steep hills. I wanted a program that would kick start my body with some swim bike run training, but not be super intensive.

Through MX Endurance (if you haven’t joined yet, why not?) I was able to look through a wide range of triathlon plans and have this all available in Todays Plan, so I can monitor my progress. As well as asking the wider MX community their advice (always super helpful) I was able to pick a plan that suited my needs and would set me up well for my up coming race season.

Modelling my MX Endurance kit. [Photo: Scottie T]

I opted for a 6 week base build triathlon plan. It starts off at just over 5hrs per week and ramps up to 9hrs. This is ideal as I am fairly limited on time and my upcoming 70.3 training block increases to 12hrs/week. Todays Plan works really well, you get email notifications of your upcoming workouts as well as a break down of your training metrics. Download the app to your phone and you can see everything you need to on the go. Each workout has a detailed description of the session and some even have a video explanation too. The workout is broken down into your personalised zones, which will be adjusted each time you do a threshold test, to maximise your potential.

So how did week 1 go?
I got off to a rocky start and missed the first 2 days, due to big days at work, but managed to find a groove by Wednesday and got out for a 45min run. Thursday was then a welcome rest day where I got organised with meal prepping and blogging. Friday saw me back in the pool for the first time since I raced Xterra in April, but I loved it. I spent most of the time re-learning how to use my Garmin Forerunner935 and definitely did a few laps unaccounted for. But a good swim always makes me feel better and I was pretty happy, even if I didn’t get a green box. The weekend was pretty successful, if a little soggy underfoot. We went for a steady ride around our local MTB trails on Saturday and rode the course for next weeks race. Followed by a 50min steady run on Sunday dodging the showers and trying to stay warm.

My week. Rough start, but got a few green boxes ticked in there!

Overall I’m pretty happy with my first week. Next week sees my gym membership get re-instated, so I can get back to some strength training and Watt bike sessions. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself to complete each session. My workload is pretty heavy and labour intense, so I’ll happily rest if I feel too tired from work. But its good to feel challenged again and I’m excited for the season to come.

How has your week been?

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