Ground Rules

As much as I am itching to get back into triathlon training, after a month overseas cycling Scotland and visiting family, I have set myself some ground rules first. Hopefully I can approach my training better than last year, having learned from my mistakes and avoid things like; over training or getting worked up over missing a session or not eating properly.
Do you have any ground rules for training? Let me know in the comments.

Rule 1: You can only train if you eat properly.
I can be pretty bad at not eating. I wouldn’t say I have an eating disorder, but my eating is definitely disordered and irregular. Some weeks I can eat and eat and never feel full, then other weeks I just don’t want anything, surviving on tea and toast. I think this had a lot to do with my womanly cycle and I am doing more research into understanding the effects, thank you Dr Stacy Sims for ROAR!!
In the past I tended to skip lunch to do my training session. But if I want to progress and get fitter, faster and stronger I need to fuel myself properly for both the workout and recovery.

ROAR by Dr Stacy Sims, aka every woman’s bible.

THEN: Skipping breakfast, drinking too much coffee and finally eating at 11-12 after 5hrs at work. Not having proper lunch or binging on biscuits/junk from the supermarket. Getting stressed out over what to eat and if it was ‘right’ and then not really eating much at all.
NOW: Getting up early enough to have porridge for breakfast and taking a banana to work. Preparing lunches a few days at a time. Doing a big food shop once a week to avoid having to go the supermarket too often and being tempted.
Does anyone have any cookbook recommendations, so I can try some new recipes with out being overwhelmed by the amount of choice online?

Rule 2: Just get on with it
I’m a bit of a faffer* and an over thinker. With time being limited due to my busy work load, and wanting to make the most of my day, I need to learn to just get on with it. Packing your kit the night before is a great way to get in the mood for the upcoming session and eliminate an excuse of ‘I can’t find my togs’ when rushing out the door. Using Today’s Plan, I can view my training schedule ahead of time and make sure my kit is ready. Are my cycling shorts clean? Do I have my favourite pair of running socks? Also, don’t over think the session. If I have a 3k swim or 2hr run planned I cant let myself think that I cant do it. I would often talk myself out of the harder sessions, then kick myself later for not having done them. Break it down into chunks. Do the warm up first, then move onto the harder stuff or be happy that you gave it a go.
The same goes for food. If I can meal prep a few days in advance or get into a routine with the kinds of foods I want to eat, it will help eliminate the faffing and decision anxiety that usually accompanies the mid-morning post work, pre workout feed or deciding what to have for tea.
Any good recipe or cookbook recommendations?
*faffing: spending in time in ineffectual activity.

Bike FTP Sweat-fest!!

Rule 3: Its only triathlon.
Gasp!! Wait, I didn’t mean it like that!!
I mean, it is not the end of the world if I skip a workout or don’t get the result I wanted in a race. The reason I do this is because I enjoy it and if it stops being fun, (type 2 fun mostly) then I don’t have to do it anymore. The only pressure I really feel is that which I put on myself. The only time to be sweating over Triathlon, is when you are actually sweating during training/race. You should care about your training and performance but when it starts to impact you negatively, then you need to take a step back and re-evaluate.

Challenge yourself, be brave and have FUN!

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