Before we dive head first into the upcoming race season and start talking about goals, budgets and training plans, lets have a quick recap of last year and all the craziness that it was…

So wind back to August 2018, a whole year ago, when I started running. I decided to enter a local half marathon and from there things got a tad hectic. It didn’t take much for that first half marathon in October to turn into the goal of a half ironman distance triathlon in January (Tauranga Half). As well as still racing my mountain bike with Enduro, Downhill and Cross-country races all lined up. In 6 months, from the half marathon in October to Xterra Triathlon in April, I’d competed and completed 12 races! Not too bad considering in the previous 12 months I’d only done 6 races.

My medal haul from 2018/19 season.

5 Enduro mtb, 1 DH, 4 Half Marathons and 2 Triathlons. The volume was a lot and there were some races I couldn’t do, due to injury, timing or lack of funding, but I loved it all. Of course there were many moments of ‘I’m not a runner’ or ‘I’m not a triathlete’ or ‘I’m not good enough to do this’ and it was hard to stay on track with those thoughts in the background. But thankfully, I had a huge amount of support, both at home and online. Without them, I would still be doubting myself (I still do, but not so much) and I would never have had the push to go beyond my comfort zone and achieve things I never imagined possible.

So what does the 2019/20 season look like? Well, I’d really like to be on the start line for Tauranga Half, and meet up with some of my MX Endurance team mates, (I had to miss last year due to injury) as well as challenge for a podium spot at Xterra Rotorua. It was heart breaking to cross the line, be told I was third in my age group, only to find out later that I’d been bumped down to 4th after someone moved categories. Gutted!!

But what about my biking? Do I even still ride?
Don’t worry, I will still be doing bike races, some off road and maybe some on road… I’ll be at the 2W Enduro series in Rotorua, (if anyone wants a ride buddy) but my main focus is to support the local scene either racing or volunteering. A few of the local clubs; running, cycling and triathlon are struggling for numbers and I could do without added travel costs.

Solid training session down the local trails, Lake Mangamahoe.

Have I missed any must do events in NZ? Let me know in the comments.

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1 thought on “NEW SEASON, NEW BLOG”

  1. You’re practically pro with all those races! When will THEY start paying YOU?? Glad you’re a part of the running community, it’s really the best drug.

    -Autumns Running Late

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