An Anxious Athlete

A feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with a certain outcome.

A person who trains for and competes in sporting events.

Admitting that I suffer with anxiety is hard and its weird to think of myself as an ‘athlete’ but these are things are necessary when I want to share my story with you. Here goes…

Back in 2013 things were not going so great and I decided to take charge of my life and run a half marathon. But a lack of training and preparation meant things didn’t go so well and I practically crawled across the line, 3hrs 33mins later. I decided running wasn’t for me and later that year I got a mountain bike. Things didn’t go so well with that either and, on my first ride in the woods, I came home with 6 stitches in my forehead. But this time I was not put off and was back on the bike before my wounds had even healed!
Fast forward a few more years, including a bad break up, failed teaching career, several house moves and a whole heap of anti-depressants and anxiety medication and I was done. I played out many options of how I could escape the hole I found myself in, but in the end I decided that to be happy I needed to do what made me happy, and that was riding my bike. I scoured the world for the best places to go mountain biking and settled on Rotorua, New Zealand and made the bold move in September 2015.

It is now 2019 and I have stared running again, completing 4 half marathons in 6 months, this time with a PB of 1hr 50 mins, almost half that of my first attempt! It seemed natural to add swimming to the mix and I am now part of MX Endurance triathlon team, competing at Xterra Off-road triathlon.

This is me and my journey through endurance and anxiety, turning my weakness into a strength and making the most of life.

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